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Ancient Romans and Greeks

Both Greek and Roman people had really strong beliefs about diamonds.

They were of the idea that diamonds were actually the tears of the gods and another myths suggested them being splinters of the falling stars.

In the first century A.D, diamonds were mentioned for the first time in Roman literature.

It is also rumored that the Cupid arrows are tipped with diamonds. Plato, the classic Greek philosopher explained about diamonds that they were actually living beings that actually embodied celestial spirits. 

The Pharaohs:

Egypt has rich culture with countless myths and stories surrounding them. The Egyptians are famous for their beliefs and stories. During the time of the Pharaohs around 3000 BC a sparkling diamond was placed in the middle of ankh which is a cross with a loop on. In Egyptian culture, an ankh was considered as the cipher of life. The diamonds stood as symbol of truth, sun and war courage. 

Ancient India:

In India, diamonds were used in the statues of Hindu gods. Hindus were of the faith that when lightning bolts struck rocks, which resulted in diamonds. Furthermore, diamonds were also known to attract lightning bolts. 

According to mythology, the Indian deity Krishna gifted his beloved lady Radha a dazzling diamond that is believed to be Koh-i-Noor as it reflected her beauty they way its glimmered and glistened in the moonlight. 

According to an ancient Indian saying, whoever wore a diamond will actually see danger turning away from you. The purity and brilliance of diamond as well as with the ability of light refraction enhanced the belief that diamonds were symbol of clarity and invincibility. 

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