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Diamonds needs care more than regular jewellery polish.

Here are some amazing home remedies that you can try at home easily to keep your diamonds sparkling and shining:

The Detergent Drill:

Another best way to remove dirt, grease, smudges and oils along with other problems that could lessen the sparkle of your diamond. All you need to do is take a small bowl and fill with warm water and a mild household liquid soap. Make sure to check the label of soap and see that its free of chlorine and chlorine damages the setting as well as the stone.

After ensuring that the soap is safe to use, let the ring soak it in it for some minutes. Now using a soft brush, use it to create lather. And your ring shall be as good as new! Place it on a metal or plastic strainer and use warm water to rinse it off.

Jewellery Cleaners:

Certain jewellery cleaners do quite a good job. The key to select a good cleaner is to see the material your diamond is set on (rose gold, 14-carat gold and platinum). See the labels of each cleaner. After selecting a suitable cleaner follow the given directions for cleaning.

The key is to remember that you have to keep your hands off the clean stones as human hands are full of oils that could smudge gemstone right away. Another tip is to put your dull dirty diamond jewellery into a glass of water with a tablet of Alka-Seltzer. Let your jewellery sit in the mixture, take your gems out and then let the air dry for best results.

Another amazing DIY tip to make your diamonds shine and sparkle is buying plain club soda. You can place your sapphire, rubies, diamonds and other gems into a glass full of club soda, let your gems soak in it overnight and you will see your stones brighter and clearer.

Try these tips and make your diamonds shine!

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