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engagement rings types and tips

The women of today know well that size of a gemstone does not really determine how much she is loved. 1 carat diamond engagement rings are quite a rage since quite some time and is a growing trend in the bridal industry.

The more economical the size the more practical and affordable it is. 

Talking about engagement rings, bigger necessarily does not always mean or look better.

Listed below are some of the reasons why you should buy 1 carat diamond engagement rings:


A carat is the unit of measurement for the weight of precious stones and one carat means 200 milligrams. A carat is a measurement of weight, one carat diamonds are available be in different cuts and shapes. One carat diamond cut is shallow, and may have the surface area of a larger carat stone. 

Diamonds are Forever:

Marriage is a lifetime commitment and engagement ring should be as beautiful 50 60 years from now on just like the day you got engaged. 

This is a piece of jewellery that your lady shall be wearing daily all her life so a smaller diamond shall be less cumbersome in long term. One carat diamonds are enough to both manage and look glamorous day after day. 

Quality over Size:

Size happens to be one of many factors that are considered while evaluating diamonds. The four C’s to judge the diamond quality is clarity, color, cut and carat. You can focus on the other components by sizing own to one carat diamond. Going for slightly smaller stone shall allow you to choose a high quality rock overall. 

Spend Money Wisely:

Weddings are costly business and you do not have use all of your finances before proposing. You shall be able to save money by going for one carat engagement ring instead of a larger diamond. One carat rings are economical and that could be the leading difference between a romantic and exciting honeymoon or road trip to beach town in another state. 

You do not have to empty your pockets on an engagement. You have a wedding to think of along with a honeymoon. Be wise and go for one carat diamond engagement ring!

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