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lemo ko long laga kar bistar k nichy rakhny sy kia hota hai

It surely is the most popular shape but there are numerous other shapes available as well if you want something different.

Think of diamonds and the first shape that comes to your mind is the classic round diamond shape right?

The shape of a diamond refers to the physical form and each diamond shape happens to be very different and possesses unique characteristics. 

Here are some different diamond shapes you could choose from for the perfect diamond ring:

Princess Cut:

Because of their cut, princess cut diamonds happen to be exceptionally brilliant and they are available in rectangular and square shapes. Princess cut diamonds give off amazingly unique colors as they show distinct colors in each corners as well whereas other display colors mainly in center. 

Cushion Cut:

Cushion cut is sometimes also called pillow-cut diamond and this cut happens to be timeless. It has earned its name for its distinctive pillow shape. The cushion cut diamonds are capable of impeccable brilliance and clarity that is because of larger facets and rounded corners. They are also available in rectangular and square shapes.

Oval Cut:

One of the classiest of shapes is the oval cut diamond. They are classy yet have a modern touch to them. Oval cut is a popular cut that is used in all types of diamond jewellery especially engagement rings that make it quite easy to match it with other jewellery. They possess an incredible sparkle and brilliance much like round brilliant cut and accentuate slender fingered hands.  

Pear Cut:

The pear shaped diamond cut excellently combines the round and marquise cuts. It has a teardrop style and the slim pear shape gives the hands and fingers a slim petite appearance that gives a delicate impression. Pear shaped diamonds cuts produce maximum sparkle so look for perfect symmetry. 

Marquise Cut:

Marquise cut diamond happens to be the perfect shape for enhancing the carat weight by focusing on the diamond’s size.  This cut also helps in making the hands look slimmer and longer. The outline of a marquise cut diamond is determined by its length to its width ratio that provides the image of shape and look of diamond.

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