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machine waly kasai sy qurbani

But wearing diamonds also have some benefits apart from making you look dazzling.

Diamonds are undoubtedly a girl’s best friends and almost all if the families happen to have some spectacular heirloom necklace or an engagement ring that is passed down from a mother or grandmother years ago. 

Have a look at some of them:

Good Investment:

Diamonds can be a good investment and though the international market is swamped with colorless diamonds at the moment, if you purchase rarer or some fancy diamonds which emit some brilliant tones and shades, it could be of immense resale value if you choose the pieces wisely considering quality and rarity. 

Spiritual Benefits:

Now everyone may not be a firm believer of feng shui, astrology or other spiritual elements but that does not mean that you can get the benefits. Diamonds are infused with strength (as they are the hardest substance on earth and protection according to the experts of feng shui. The wearer of these dazzling stones is believed to get these qualities from this precious stone. 

Can Be Worn On Any Occasion:

Diamonds are not only for special occasions but are gradually getting popularity as part of daily outfits for women everywhere. The sparkling dazzle of diamond jewelry dazzles up the simplest of dresses. 

Bringing Change:

Roughly 10 million people are employed by the diamond industry across the world. Canada happens to be the third largest diamond exporter in the world and roughly generates $1.5 billion in revenue from the mines located in the northwestern territories of the country. 

When people buy diamond jewellery they are able to influence the lives of tradespeople, miners and artisans and miners via ethical buying. 

Best Gift:

Diamonds are beautiful and make beautiful memories when events are attached to it. Diamonds are one of the most precious and valuable gifts to express your love to your loved ones. Gifts hold the memories of our love in each of the shining facets, a timeless treasure. 

Diamonds are forever!

Diamond Myths

Since ancient times around 25000 BC, diamonds have captivated and allured mankind with their beauty as well as supernatural beliefs. Diamonds have been at the heart of numerous myths and legends in different religious beliefs all around the world. Diamonds have been linked to strength, power, love and wealth. 

Diamonds have always been precious and were considered so before mankind had acquired knowledge of cutting them and using them in their jewellery pieces and shimmering treasures.

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